Garsumiss TPE Non Slip 6MM Thick Yoga Mats


.Crack Resistance
.Cushioning and Elasticity
.Great Material
.Anti-Slip for Double Side


Garsumiss Yoga Mats TPE Non Slip 6MM Thick All Purpose Workout Mat for Yoga Pilates and Floor Exercises –

Starting from yoga to free hand exercises,the Garsumiss TPE Non Slip 6MM Thick Yoga Mats will fulfill all your needs.It provides a protection from the impact of intense workout on the joint spine and is suitable for all kinds of yoga trainings.It is made of high-density foam and Non-toxic environmental protection materials.This provides a good anti-skid function and durability to the yoga mat thus helping to prevent moisture and sweat from entering into the mat.You can carry this lightweight yoga mat with a yoga bag easily to anywhere like gyms and outdoor ares.Made of high quality TPE friendly materials,it is soft,high temperature resistance,high strength and high resilience.Usable for both indoor and outdoor activities,the Yoga Mats are suitable for beginners and is available in vibrant colors.

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